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ZVEMECHE brand guidelines 2024 copy 2.png


ZVEMECHE, founded by the visionary Saif Saleh, is a dynamic and inclusive fashion visual agency dedicated to fixing the lack of appreciation for potential local talents in the fashion industry in Jordan. From models to designers, photographers to stylists, and everything in between, ZVEMECHE provides a platform where aspiring individuals can shine and make their mark. With a passion for nurturing creativity and embracing diversity, we strive to redefine the fashion landscape by showcasing the hidden gems of our country. Join us on this exciting journey as we unleash the untapped potential and shape a future where local talents in all aspects of the fashion industry are recognized, appreciated, and celebrated.


We value collaboration and believe that the best ideas come from a diverse range of perspectives. We encourage our team to think creatively and explore innovative solutions., to take risks and to embrace failure as a necessary part of the creative process. We foster an environment that is supportive and inclusive, where everyone has the opportunity to contribute and grow.

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